Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love One Another....My Takeaway from Mass

It's no secret.  I've had an incredibly rough year.  Not as rough as some, but rough enough that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  To recap, my sister was in a tragic accident that left her in a coma for quite a few months, a leadership role that I assumed has left me hurt and broken, and the daily struggles of raising three kids while my loving husband was caught up in an extremely busy project at work.

To give a brief update on my sister, she is doing amazing! She still requires 24-hour care and needs assistance with most of her basic needs, but she is awake mentally.  She is beginning to speak to us and eat and take her medicine on her own.  A huge accomplishment.  She still has quite a long road ahead.  The right side of her body is immobile, so she is unable to walk or move herself from bed or a chair.  But, as I have said all along she is a fighter.  She has surprised doctor's and nurses familiar with Traumatic Brain Injury with her great progress.

This past year, I have received numerous advice ranging from - get over it, she will never get better, that will be her quality of life (obviously in reference to my sister).  Other advice I have received is to rid myself of people that are toxic to my mental health (this consists of close friends and family).  I have received hate filled e-mails, when all I wanna do is write back - Eff off, witch! (that's me putting it nicely).  My husband has been involved with a soul-sucking project that has shattered our daily doings, we have to learn how to work together again and work together as a team.

I always ask in prayer - What is the right thing to do?  I always proceed with what I feel is the best and right thing to do.  When I wanna scream and yell and cuss, I know this is not what God wants from me, He wants me to proceed in a manner that shows His love and grace to all.  When I wanna walk away from that mean and hateful person, I am reminded of this morning's message when Jesus said to "Love One Another as I have Loved You".  Wow! What a statement!  There are many times I don't feel I deserve His love!  I've not always been the nicest, I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety that left me shattered, I have not always been truthful with myself or others and yet God still loves me.

When I am faced with an unhappy person that chooses to use words of hate towards me, I must remind myself that I am to love them too.  I must continue to proceed in a manner of love however hard it may be.  Nobody said it is gonna be easy.  I have been told that I need to cut people out of my life, including family, because they are not healthy for me.  Father stated this morning that we are to still love them regardless.  We are to love them to be their best that they can be.  I have accepted that I cannot change them, but I can love them and I do not need to cut them from my life.  Your family is the most important piece that you can have regardless of how crazy and chaotic it can be.

I tell you to love all those around you.  Do you need to bend over backwards and shout "Hey, I love you!"? You can, if that's your prerogative.  It's as simple as smiling at the cashier of the gas station.  Saying hi to a stranger.  Making copies for the secretary.  Delivering a simple message for the teacher. Making a grocery run for a family member.

As for me, I'm gonna tell my family "I love you" constantly at all times, even those that stress me out the most.  I'm gonna continue to provide service even when all odds are stacked against me.  I'm gonna respond to negative emails with truth and kindness.

Because really folks, it's simple, as Jesus has told us "Love One Another as I have Loved You!"

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